What are the job prospects for a professional welder?

Welding is a career. And the demand for welders exists, as demonstrated in this article published in the Wall Street Journal: Where Have All the Welders Gone, as Manufacturing and Repair Boom?

Welding is a specialized skill that serves a variety of industries and is used in an immense amount of ways throughout the world.

Career opportunities include: working in welding shops, in the manufacturing of metal goods, in the petroleum and natural fuel extraction industry, in construction, plumbing, and pipe welding, in plant maintenance, or automobile manufacturing and repair, in shipbuilding and other transportation industries such as railroads, aircraft, and aerospace applications.

There are many career paths for a skilled welder, and WTTI can give you the qualifications and provide you with a strong career base to attain a career in welding in just five to nine months. (Yes, months. Not years!)

Our offerings range from the career-level programs , which are designed for new students with little or no welding experience, to process specific/advanced technique courses for seasoned welders who wish to upgrade their present skills in order to further advance themselves.

The programs and courses at WTTI are selected, designed, and scheduled with the objective of preparing students for employment opportunities within the welding field. We frequently survey industries to determine the modifications that should be made to keep our programs and courses updated and relevant to the demands of employers.

Job prospects look good for qualified welders with the right skills. In Pennsylvania, welders are listed as one of the "Careers in Demand/High Priority Occupations" for year 2010. This list is published by PA Workforce Development. View all listings. Pennsylvania's Workforce Development website is provided by the Commonwealth of PA, and it includes a section called, "Careers In Demand/High Priority Occupations," which offers useful information for job seekers and workforce professionals about skilled, well-paying jobs that employers need to fill in Pennsylvania.