Customized Training and Seminars

Consider the benefits of a custom seminar or workshop that can be offered at your facility or ours. WTTI can create a custom program specific to your company’s needs.  Contact us for more information.

Welder Training, Upgrading and Testing: WTTI develops custom training and upgrading programs which will deliver the greatest advantages to your operations because they focus on defined objectives to match your facility’s specific scope of work. Welding processes, positions and qualification testing will be selected for their practical application to on-the-job requirements.

Examples of specialized welder training programs that we have designed and conducted for our clients include:

  • Maintenance and repair welding
  • Pipe and tube welding
  • Specialty welding of thin/exotic metals
  • Advanced techniques— pipe or plate
  • Stainless steel or Aluminum welding
  • Brazing procedures & safety in brazing


Flexible and Cost Effective: We offer several options for conducting training programs at a reasonable cost. All of our training programs and testing services are completely flexible in length and frequency of sessions.

Training can be held at your site using your equipment or at our training facility. If neither of these options are practical to your operations, then another choice is the use of our Self-contained Mobile Welder Training Unit (shown left), a completely portable training facility that can be equipped and staffed to train and test eight welders simultaneously.

Mobile Welder Training Unit: Consider the following advantages to using the Mobile Welder Training Unit: 1) no costs to set up your own training area, 2) no lost floor space, 3) no lost time or travel expenses for staff to attend remote schooling, and 4) no utilization of production equipment means no interruption in normal operations. In addition to these savings, you have the advantage of surveillance and adjustment throughout the training program.


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