Welder Certification

Q: Does WTTI offer "the test" to become certified?

A: Often WTTI will receive a call from an individual or a company requesting information about taking "the test" to become certified. Actually, there is no such thing as a single welder qualification test to receive certification for every job.

Instead, there are many different codes and standards that regulate welding. Each one of these codes or standards dictates the parameters for depositing sound welds using a specific metal, technique and position; each usually requires a separate qualification test and its own certification.

WTTI offers welder qualification testing in accordance with many of these codes and standards.

Q: How and when can I qualify myself for a welder certification?

A: To receive certification in one of these codes or standards, a welder is required to "qualify" their work through a hands-on demonstration of his/her ability by actually performing a weld according to the specific parameters, and then submitting the weld to an Accredited Test Facility (ATF). The ATF tests the weld to determine whether it meets the requirements of that particular code or standard. If the weld passes, then the welder receives written testimony, called "certification," from the ATF to prove to an employer that he/she is "qualified" to do certain jobs.

To be specific, the "certification" is the actual paperwork that states the details of the welder's qualifications. The certification is typically presented to, and signed by, an employer.

The level of skill required to pass a qualification test varies with the process. If you are presently attending our welding school, we offer you the opportunity to perform qualification testing for a certification at the end of your training program. Ask you Instructor, or the School Director, for more information.

Q: Where would I locate an Accredited Test Facility (ATF) to take a welder qualification test?

A: WTTI is accredited by the American Welding Society (AWS) as a certified ATF . This means our staff and our lab operate in accordance with the AWS QC4-89, Standard for Accreditation of Test Facilities for the AWS Certified Welder Program. We offer qualification testing to individual welders and companies through our Industrial Services Division.

Q: Why is welder certification important?

A: When you receive your certification(s), you become a valuable asset to your employer.

Certification is important to employers, who must have a great deal of confidence in the welder's work since it has significant safety and financial consequences for their company.

Customer's job requirements usually indicate that work must be done according to a specification, code or procedure. Employers are responsible for having only welders with the proper certification(s) perform on those jobs, otherwise they would face greater liability if something goes wrong.